Product Specifications

During the year, our engineering team finds new ways to improve our product designs.  Rather than make our customers wait until a new catalog to make these improvements, we do reserve the right to change product specifications without notice.  

Listed below are each of our product specifications.  To search, use the search bar to type the product #, or sport name of the product you would like to download.

1570-SPEC108.9 KiB
1590-SPEC385.2 KiB
31-45-GOALS And NETS-SPEC1.4 MiB
8302-36-SLEEVE222.7 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1206-108.9 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1212-05-10271.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1212-05-10VC403.4 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1212219.2 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1214-05-105.5 MiB
Baseball Backstop 121410.8 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1215-SPEC404.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1216-SPEC576.6 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1217-SPEC7.1 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1218-SPEC308.3 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1228-00162.3 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1228-02671.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1228-03874.5 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1230-00235.7 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1230-02683.3 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1230-03868.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1233-0020.7 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1233-02-SPEC554.2 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1233-03-SPEC506.9 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1233-SPEC348.7 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1234-00196.8 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1234-02700.3 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1234-03904.6 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1235-00276.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1235-021.0 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1235-03432.2 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1240-00311.1 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1240-02808.7 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1240-031.0 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1246-433.5 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1246-55-SPEC1.9 MiB
Baseball Backstop 1293-SPEC503.4 KiB
Baseball Backstop 1295-SPEC11.9 MiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1265-SPEC173.1 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1266-00120.6 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1267-003.5 MiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1269-00194.2 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1272-SPEC202.3 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1273-SPEC203.4 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1274-SPEC204.8 KiB
Baseball Foul Poles 1275-SPEC203.2 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8101-05-spec87.1 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8101-10-spec87.4 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8101-15-spec87.6 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8102-10-spec88.3 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8102-15-spec88.0 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8103-10-spec88.3 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8104-10-spec88.2 KiB
Baseketball Backboard 8104-15-spec87.3 KiB
Basketball 1511-1513-SPEC200.4 KiB
Basketball 1514-SPEC118.9 KiB
Basketball 1516-SPEC101.5 KiB
Basketball 1520-SPEC125.2 KiB
Basketball 1521-SPEC100.9 KiB
Basketball 1522-SPEC120.5 KiB
Basketball 1523-SPEC1.4 MiB
Basketball 1524-SPEC121.7 KiB
Basketball 1525-SPEC1.4 MiB
Basketball 1526-SPEC120.8 KiB
Basketball 1527-SPEC98.4 KiB
Basketball 1528-SPEC120.9 KiB
Basketball 1529-SPEC239.2 KiB
Basketball 1530-SPEC239.3 KiB
Basketball 1531-SPEC219.7 KiB
Basketball 1532-SPEC219.8 KiB
Basketball 1533-SPEC240.0 KiB
Basketball 1534-SPEC220.4 KiB
Basketball 1535-SPEC303.9 KiB
Basketball 1536-SPEC273.9 KiB
Basketball 1537-SPEC244.9 KiB
Basketball 1540-SPEC98.8 KiB
Basketball 1541-SPEC98.5 KiB
Basketball 1542-SPEC121.0 KiB
Basketball 1543-SPEC122.5 KiB
Basketball 1544-SPEC121.6 KiB
Basketball 1545-SPEC219.7 KiB
Basketball 1546-SPEC220.4 KiB
Basketball 1547-SPEC219.9 KiB
Basketball 1554-1555-SPEC137.4 KiB
Basketball 1560-SPEC103.0 KiB
Basketball 1561-SPEC123.2 KiB
Basketball 1562-SPEC228.6 KiB
Basketball 1563-SPEC243.5 KiB
Basketball 1565-SPEC102.6 KiB
Basketball 1569-SPEC107.3 KiB
Basketball 1570-SPEC109.3 KiB
Basketball 1571-SPEC108.5 KiB
Basketball 1572-SPEC108.8 KiB
Basketball 1573-SPEC108.4 KiB
Basketball 1576-SPEC106.0 KiB
Basketball 1577-SPEC106.0 KiB
Basketball 1578-SPEC105.2 KiB
Basketball 1579-SPEC104.8 KiB
Basketball 1583-SPEC110.0 KiB
Basketball 1584-SPEC109.9 KiB
Basketball 1585-SPEC109.5 KiB
Basketball Backboard 10-SPEC445.2 KiB
Basketball Backboard 13-14-SPEC105.1 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1569-SPEC107.0 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1571-SPEC108.5 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1572-SPEC108.8 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1573-SPEC108.7 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1583-SPEC110.0 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1584-SPEC110.1 KiB
Basketball Backboard 1585-SPEC109.6 KiB
Basketball Backboard 18-20 SPEC143.9 KiB
Basketball Backboard 19-SPEC126.7 KiB
Basketball Backboard 22-SPEC137.0 KiB
Basketball Backboard 23-SPEC133.6 KiB
Basketball Backboard 24-24T-SPEC130.1 KiB
Basketball Backboard 25-SPEC124.4 KiB
Basketball Backboard 26-SPEC123.3 KiB
Basketball Backboard 27-SPEC204.7 KiB
Basketball Backboard 30-SPEC140.6 KiB
Basketball GNP97.3 KiB
Basketball GNPB75.8 KiB
Basketball1516-SPEC102.2 KiB
Basketball1520-SPEC126.1 KiB
Basketball1521-SPEC102.0 KiB
Basketball1523-SPEC1.4 MiB
Basketball1525-SPEC1.4 MiB
Basketball1527-SPEC99.9 KiB
Basketball1529-SPEC227.9 KiB
Basketball1530-SPEC227.7 KiB
Basketball1531-SPEC227.8 KiB
Basketball1533-SPEC228.0 KiB
Basketball1535-SPEC283.3 KiB
Basketball1537-SPEC228.0 KiB
Basketball1540-SPEC100.2 KiB
Basketball1541-SPEC100.0 KiB
Basketball1560-SPEC103.0 KiB
Basketball1563-SPEC227.3 KiB
Basketball1565-SPEC103.5 KiB
BB-22-SPEC129.0 KiB
BB-26-SPEC134.2 KiB
Bench 1102-SPEC278.4 KiB
Bench 1103-SPEC391.1 KiB
Bench 1107-SPEC146.7 KiB
Bench 1110-SPEC358.0 KiB
Bench 1112-SPEC289.3 KiB
Bench 1113-SPEC1.0 MiB
Bench 1115-SPEC509.1 KiB
Bench 1116-SPEC196.4 KiB
Bench 1117-SPEC138.5 KiB
Bench 1118-SPEC173.3 KiB
Bench 1119-SPEC233.7 KiB
Bench 1123-SPEC252.3 KiB
Bench 1125-SPEC213.6 KiB
Bench 1129-SPEC263.6 KiB
Bench 1176-SPEC619.0 KiB
Bench 1303-RCP-SPEC190.2 KiB
Bench 1304-RCP-SPEC360.7 KiB
Bench 1400-SPEC411.5 KiB
Bench 1405-SPEC79.5 KiB
Bench 1406-06-SPEC72.5 KiB
Bench 1410-SPEC214.0 KiB
Bench 1410446.2 KiB
Bench 1470-SPEC135.2 KiB
Bench 1800298.2 KiB
Bench 3101-SPEC220.6 KiB
Bench 3102-SPEC-GL303.8 KiB
Bench 3102-SPEC252.6 KiB
Bench 3103-SPEC193.0 KiB
Bench 3104-06-08-SPEC244.3 KiB
Bench 3104-06CRV119.2 KiB
Bench 3104399.4 KiB
Bench 3106-06-08-SPEC215.1 KiB
Bench 3107-06-08-SPEC315.5 KiB
Bench 3107-10-12-16-SPEC191.1 KiB
Bench 3107-CUSTOM.1301.6 KiB
Bench 3107-CUSTOM301.6 KiB
Bench 3108-06-08-SPEC363.7 KiB
Bench 3109-06-08-SPEC1.1 MiB
Bench 3110-SPEC361.2 KiB
Bench 311089.5 KiB
Bench 3111-SPEC386.6 KiB
Bench 3112-06-08-SPEC1.1 MiB
Bench 3113-SPEC295.7 KiB
Bench 3181-SPEC75.6 KiB
Bench 3190-SPEC92.0 KiB
Bench 3195-SPEC81.8 KiB
Bench 3196-08-SPEC74.1 KiB
Bench 3196-SPEC82.9 KiB
Bench 3201808.0 KiB
Bench 3205-SPEC225.7 KiB
Bench 3221-SPEC154.3 KiB
Bench 3225-SPEC126.4 KiB
Bench 3226-SPEC123.6 KiB
Bike Rack 1602-SPEC243.8 KiB
Bike Rack 1603-SPEC219.9 KiB
Bike Rack 1604237.5 KiB
Bike Rack 1608-02-04-SPEC93.8 KiB
Bike Rack 1608-04-05-SPEC106.9 KiB
Bike Rack 1618-SPEC238.5 KiB
Bike Rack1602-SPEC245.3 KiB
Bike Rack160373.8 KiB
Bike Rack160436.0 KiB
Bike Rack160533.1 KiB
Bike Rack1606-0629.5 KiB
Bike Rack1607-01-SPEC189.1 KiB
Bike Rack1607-06-08-16-SPEC309.5 KiB
Bike Rack1608-01-SPEC125.4 KiB
Bike Rack1608-01SS-DS-SPEC214.0 KiB
Bike Rack1608-01SS-SPEC221.0 KiB
Bike Rack1608-ENG-SPEC166.1 KiB
Bike Rack160925.3 KiB
Bike Rack161031.4 KiB
Bike Rack161131.3 KiB
Bike Rack1614-0628.0 KiB
Bike Rack161633.0 KiB
Bike Rack162036.2 KiB
Bike Rack162530.2 KiB
Bike Rack165021.0 KiB
Bike Rack1652-SPEC104.9 KiB
Bike Rack1660-SPEC73.4 KiB
Bike Rack170027.9 KiB
Bike Rack1701-1702-170331.9 KiB
Bleacher 1171-315-SPEC457.4 KiB
Bleacher 1171-315TR1.5 MiB
Bleacher 1171-321-SPEC461.7 KiB
Bleacher 1171-321TR1.7 MiB
Bleacher 1171-327-SPEC467.7 KiB
Bleacher 1171-415-SPEC443.1 KiB
Bleacher 1171-415TR1.5 MiB
Bleacher 1171-421-ADA-SPEC342.0 KiB
Bleacher 1171-421-SPEC457.3 KiB
Bleacher 1171-421TR1.5 MiB
Bleacher 1171-427-SPEC475.0 KiB
Bleacher 1171-515-CAHR-SPEC384.5 KiB
Bleacher 1171-515-SPEC974.8 KiB
Bleacher 1171-521-CAHR1.0 MiB
Bleacher 1171-521-SPEC765.1 KiB
Bleacher 1171-527-SPEC903.1 KiB
Bleacher 1178-06-08-SPEC515.7 KiB
Bleacher 1183-315-SPEC466.7 KiB
Bleacher 1183-321-SPEC477.3 KiB
Bleacher 1183-321TRG13.7 MiB
Bleacher 1183-327-SPEC484.7 KiB
Bleacher 1183-415 Double Foot Board-Custom237.2 KiB
Bleacher 1183-415-CUSTOM-SPEC120.1 KiB
Bleacher 1183-415-SPEC474.1 KiB
Bleacher 1183-421-SPEC481.8 KiB
Bleacher 1183-421TRG13.8 MiB
Bleacher 1183-427-SPEC518.9 KiB
Bleacher 1183-507-SPEC192.7 KiB
Bleacher 1183-507ADA-CUSTOM-SPEC217.7 KiB
Bleacher 1183-507ADA-SPEC224.0 KiB
Bleacher 1183-515-SPEC248.0 KiB
Bleacher 1183-515ADA(Side Cut Out)-SPEC315.5 KiB
Bleacher 1183-515ADA-CUSTOM-SPEC251.1 KiB
Bleacher 1183-521-SPEC857.0 KiB
Bleacher 1183-527-SPEC901.8 KiB
Bleacher 1183-SPEC208.5 KiB
Bleacher 1186-521-SPEC401.7 KiB
Bleacher 1186-521-XX-concept148.4 KiB
Bleacher 1186-521ADA-CUSTOM-SPEC270.6 KiB
Bleacher 1186-521ADA-SPEC271.0 KiB
Bleacher 1186-527-SPEC325.1 KiB
Bleacher 1186-ADA-1-SPEC288.7 KiB
Bleacher 1186-ADA-2-SPEC450.9 KiB
Bollard 1100-SPEC223.7 KiB
Bollard 1100F-SPEC9.1 MiB
Bollard 1810-22-SPEC75.7 KiB
Football 2222-00-SPEC113.4 KiB
Football 2222-18240.0 KiB
Football 2222-20249.7 KiB
Football 2222-22246.0 KiB
Football 2222-23247.8 KiB
Football 2222-24-SPEC5.0 MiB
Football 2222-SLEEVES84.2 KiB
Football 2223-SLEEVES76.2 KiB
Football 2223156.1 KiB
Football 2224-01-SPEC105.8 KiB
Football 2224-02-SPEC97.4 KiB
Frisbee Golf Basket122.3 KiB
Frisbee Golf119.7 KiB
Grill 1140-20-SPEC Surface Mount188.2 KiB
Grills 1130-10-SPEC170.5 KiB
Grills 1130-20-SPEC175.9 KiB
Grills 1130-SPEC153.8 KiB
Grills 1140-10-SPEC164.7 KiB
Grills 1140-20-SPEC166.4 KiB
Grills 1140-SPEC159.4 KiB
Pickleball 8354-SPEC231.5 KiB
Pickleball Tennis 2202-SPEC163.9 KiB
Pickleball Tennis 2202P-SPEC1.1 MiB
Soccer 2230-00-SPEC208.1 KiB
Soccer 2230-01-SPEC201.2 KiB
Soccer 2230-03-SPEC212.5 KiB
Soccer 2230-11-SPEC138.1 KiB
Soccer 2230-12-SPEC208.1 KiB
Soccer 2230-13-SPEC211.0 KiB
Soccer 2230-18-SPEC208.7 KiB
Soccer 2230-19-SPEC214.1 KiB
Soccer 2230-21-SPEC207.9 KiB
Soccer 2230-22-SPEC213.7 KiB
Soccer 2231-00-SPEC252.1 KiB
Soccer 2231-12-SPEC252.9 KiB
Soccer 2231-18-SPEC253.0 KiB
Soccer 2231-21-SPEC252.4 KiB
Soccer 2232-00-SPEC428.8 KiB
Soccer 2232-01-SPEC307.9 KiB
Soccer 2233-01-SPEC204.1 KiB
Soccer 2235-00-SPEC255.5 KiB
Soccer 2236-00-SPEC166.0 KiB
Soccer 2236-01-SPEC174.1 KiB
Soccer 2236-02-SPEC164.4 KiB
Soccer 2236-03-SPEC160.9 KiB
Soccer 2237-01-SPEC243.7 KiB
Soccer 2238-00-SPEC164.8 KiB
Soccer 2238-01-SPEC172.2 KiB
Soccer 2238-03-SPEC172.6 KiB
Soccer 2238-12-SPEC164.6 KiB
Soccer 2238-13-SPEC171.5 KiB
Soccer 2238-18-SPEC165.3 KiB
Soccer 2238-19-SPEC168.0 KiB
Soccer 2238-21-SPEC165.0 KiB
Soccer 2238-22-SPEC169.2 KiB
Soccer 2239-00-SPEC242.1 KiB
Soccer 2239-06-SPEC250.3 KiB
Soccer 2239-12-SPEC244.7 KiB
Soccer 2239-18-SPEC246.1 KiB
Soccer 2239-21-SPEC245.8 KiB
Soccer 8301-8306-SPEC227.0 KiB
Soccer 8304-8324-SPEC4.4 MiB
Soccer 8342-SPEC171.9 KiB
Soccer 2230-13-SPEC309.0 KiB
Table 1120-SPEC387.5 KiB
Table 1121-12-ADA-SPEC358.2 KiB
Table 1126-RCP-SPEC707.8 KiB
Table 1128-SPEC223.2 KiB
Table 1129-SPEC263.2 KiB
Table 1131-SPEC120.7 KiB
Table 1142-1143-SPEC120.6 KiB
Table 1144-ADA-SPEC118.6 KiB
Table 1144-SPEC118.1 KiB
Table 1144-W-SPEC117.7 KiB
Table 1145-SPEC189.7 KiB
Table 1146-SPEC84.8 KiB
Table 1302-RCP-SPEC216.1 KiB
Table 1420-SPEC469.2 KiB
Table 1425-SPEC115.5 KiB
Table 3120-SPEC228.7 KiB
Table 3220-SPEC379.4 KiB
Table 4220-SPEC2.0 MiB
Tennis 2201-SPEC1.7 MiB
Tennis 2205-SPEC512.1 KiB
Tennis 2206-SPEC437.1 KiB
Tetherball 2221-10159.5 KiB
Tetherball 2221-20162.4 KiB
Trashcan 1150-SPEC944.7 KiB
Trashcan 1307-SPEC122.1 KiB
Trashcan 1308-RCP-SPEC153.9 KiB
Trashcan 1308-SPEC94.4 KiB
Trashcan 1351194.1 KiB
Trashcan 1450-RS-SPEC112.1 KiB
Trashcan 1450-SPEC227.2 KiB
Trashcan 3151-3151SH-SPEC256.8 KiB
Trashcan 3250-SH-SPEC226.3 KiB
Trashcan 3250-SPEC188.1 KiB
Trashcan 3255453.8 KiB
Trashcan 3350286.8 KiB
Volleyball 2214-SPEC293.7 KiB
Volleyball 2216-SPEC294.3 KiB
Volleyball 2217-SPEC576.6 KiB
Volleyball 2217-SprinklerOption360.2 KiB
Volleyball 2218-SPEC295.3 KiB
Volleyball 2219-SPEC313.5 KiB
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